5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

Whether you’re a new homeowner or simply looking for eco-friendly ways to spruce-up your existing bathroom, knowing which environmentally-conscious choices to make when outfitting your bathroom is essential to any low eco footprint lifestyle. Here are five different eco-friendly ideas to make your bathroom not only cleaner but greener as well!

Transform Your Toilet

Depending on the toilet, five flushes a day can use up to 7 gallons of water. If you’re looking to conserve this natural resource, we recommend equipping your bathroom with a low-flush toilet. By going this route, you can reduce your water use to around 1.2 gallons per five flushes. That’s an amazing difference that you’ll not only feel good about but notice on your water bill as well.

Attaching a bidet to your toilet is another great way to stay environmentally sound in the bathroom. By adding a simple washlet to your existing toilet, you can reduce your daily usage of toilet paper, which in turn reduces flushes and saves trees.

Control the Water Flow

A long, warm shower can be a relaxing start to your morning or a nice way to end the night. But if you’re looking to go a bit greener in your bathroom, taking steps to limit your shower time is a solid, actionable method for energy and water conservation. You can start by applying a timer to your shower. By using a timer, you can manage water consumption, which will save energy and reduce your yearly costs and ecological footprint.

Aerators Everywhere

When deciding on a new faucet or showerhead for your bathroom, finding one with a built-in aerator or an option to add an aerator can be very helpful to an environmentally-conscious person. An aerator is a small part you can add to the tip of your faucet that mixes air and water to create a flow that is splash-less, smooth, and reduces water output.

As with the other green options like shower timers, bidets, and low-flush toilets, the aerator’s goal is to save the wasteful use of too much water.

Green When You Clean

Sometimes the simplest solution can be the most helpful to the environment. That’s why we suggest that the next time you’re at the store stocking up on bathroom cleaning supplies, opt for natural and organic products in lieu of the traditional heavily chemically-infused cleaners. It may seem small, but a concerted effort to switch to natural cleaning products will keep you on the road to a better, greener tomorrow.
If you want to go one step further, there is always the option of creating your own homemade bathroom cleaning supplies.

Sustain the Air You Breathe

When looking at a sustainable bathroom design, it’s important to look beyond the toilet and faucets you use. Also, consider your floors and the paint on your walls. When remodeling, repainting, and re-organizing your bathroom, we recommend using paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs.
We hope that these five eco-friendly options get your head swirling with ideas and ways to adjust your daily life to be more environmentally conscience. If you’re looking to take these ideas into a bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to find some inspiration from our remodel gallery and the rest of our blog!

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