6 Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodels

Renovating a small bathroom is all about making the most of what you have. Tricky layouts and limited fixtures are challenging to work around. Whether it’s a cluttered guest bathroom or a small bathroom in an older home, the goal is to work out the best plan for your bathroom that maximizes every inch. Here are 6 bathroom renovation ideas to upgrade your small bathroom into an open and functional space.

Hide The Door

Avoid the “small bathroom shuffle” of navigating around an open door in your small bathroom by switching to a sliding door. Pocket doors tuck away into the wall, allowing room to shift bathroom fixtures closer to the entrance. Barn doors also free up space while adding a rustic aesthetic.

Combine the Shower and Tub

Many bathroom remodels are opting to eliminate the tub altogether, but if you like to have the option of a quick shower or a relaxing soak, simply combine both fixtures into one! Leave it open or add a glass enclosure. That slim shower stall is now free space!

Get Creative with Storage

Small bathrooms can quickly overflow with towels and accessories, but some simple reorganizing and creative planning will help maximize your storage. Find new space above mirrors, toilets, or a simple medicine cabinet. Add custom drawers to your cabinets for fumble-free access to your products. Tucking away outlets can free up counter space. Dry your hair without the fear of knocking over candles!

Float It

Freeing up the floor opens up a bathroom, creating more visual space and room to improvise, and it only takes lifting up! Floating vanities look less cluttered and provide more lighting options. Or change out your vanity for a rustic basin sink sized to the room. Wall mounted toilets eliminate the need for a bulky tank and frees up much needed square footage. Bonus to freeing up all this floor space, showing off your updated flooring!

Coordinate Your Look

Like putting together any outfit, style comes from matching and coordinating. By picking a color palette and matching fixtures, you’ll achieve a visual simplicity that’s easy on the eye and removes any clutter.

Find Your Light

Proper bathroom lighting works in tandem with design elements to bring elegance and function to even the smallest spaces. A singular overhead light can make a space feel flat and harsh, so consider adding separate, purposeful lights. Task lighting behind mirrors will give you even lighting across your face, and placing lights under a floating vanity provides a soft glow that’s easy on the eyes. Replacing walls and shower enclosures with glass will also allow light through while visually opening up the space.

Start with these ideas to rethink your bathroom, big or small!

32 thoughts on “6 Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodels”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a little modeling in my bathroom, but I have a small space so I’m not sure if my desired plan will be executed properly. I guess the idea of adding a custom drawer to my cabinets for free access to my other things seems like a great idea. I just have to find a great remodeling contractor who can help me out with this project.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing about 6 ideas for small bathroom remodels, it’s difficult for me to get such kind of information most of the time always… I really hope I can work on your tips and it works for me too, I am happy to come across your article.

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  4. These tips are great! I was planning plan for a remodeling since my bathroom is small, I find very difficult to do it. I am glad that I found this article! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Hello. My bathrooms are so outdated and it seems I really need them remodeled. I’ll make sure that I replace all the fixtures that are outdated now. I have searched for remodeling services in RI until I have browsed your post. Thanks for pointing out different ideas about why a bathroom remodel is a good idea.

  6. Bath spaces have been without any surprise are a top priority among spaces considered for remodeling. In Las Vegas NV bathroom remodeling is common as the real estate comes in a varied architectural style. Apart from this nowadays the bath trends cover a luxe range of decor styles.

  7. Thanks for sharing such great ideas about remodeling for bathroom. The idea about combing the shower and tub is just amazing. It is very helpful for me because I’m working as a bathtub remodeler and this idea is great for me.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion about combining the shower and tub to free up more space in your bathroom, or add a glass enclosure to it. I’m planning to renovate my bathroom this summer, but I’m not yet sure how I should go on about it. I’ll consider this suggestion while I look for shower remodeling contractors.

  9. Coordinating the look you have for your bathroom in any way possible is something I can really see being a good thing to take note of. I’ve noticed how my bathroom seems way too “scattered” right now, especially since some of the fixtures seem to be replacements for something that was previously there but ended up b reaking or something. I’ll definitely take your advice about this and ask a plumber to help me install fixtures like shower and tubs that can fit the rest of the look.


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