Forget Trendy: Designing Trendproof Bathrooms and Kitchens That Will Last

We think remodels should be long term investment that you’ll be happy with for years. You can’t avoid following trends, but what you can do is choose the trends that work best for your remodel.

Match Your Home

Your home reflects your personality and style. It’s embodied by a color palette, the architecture, a “vibe” that looks best when it’s consistent. Matching your overall aesthetic is the quickest path to trendproofing. You don’t want to step into another room wondering if you’re in the same house.

Picking Your Risks

We love bold design choices and changing things up, but that can come with a big price tag. If you’re the type to rearrange rooms every couple years, consider that when picking the more costly features of your remodel. Wall colors and smaller fixtures can be changed on your own with a trip to the hardware store, whereas switching out tile or flooring requires professionals and weeks of disruption.

Trust In Experience

Our designers have years of experience and have seen trends come and go. As they work with you to plan your remodel, their discerning eye will guide you to avoid others’ mistakes. They strike the balance between bold new choices and the tried and true.

Trends Can Be Friends

Trendproof doesn’t mean avoiding new innovations, in fact it’s quite the opposite! Remember when “Going Green” was a fad? Now eco-friendly appliances have become standard. Remodels are a great opportunity to replace lighting with long lasting and better looking LEDs, and a low-flow toilet will save your water.

Picking Any Color than White for Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs

Just…please don’t.

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