How to Find Bathroom-Friendly Art and Décor

Can you hang art in the bathroom? Will humidity ruin bathroom photos?
No homeowner wants a room with blank, bare walls, even in the bathroom. But the steam and moisture created by our daily showers, baths, and hand washings can be tough on traditional framed art. To help you create a bathroom that is as practical as it is beautiful, we’ve pulled together 5 easy and bathroom-friendly decorating ideas.

Ceramic Plates

Two bathroom walls with multiple ceramic plates as decorationsImage Credit: Left, Right
Plates aren’t just for the kitchen anymore! When hung on the wall, decorative ceramic dishware can give your bathroom an eclectic look that’s not susceptible to water damage. You can purchase hangers specifically for plates online or at your local hardware or craft store.

Sculptures or Vases

Two bathroom sinks, one with a vase on it and the other with a sculpture
When you’re considering bathroom décor, don’t just think about the walls. A sculpture or vase on a windowsill or countertop can add an element of design to an otherwise simple space. When selecting a sculpture, opt for something mostly water-resistant like glass, stone, or brushed metal. For a fresh scent: a vase filled with a cluster of fresh herbs or flowers can perfume the air when mixed with the steam of your shower.


Different styles of bathroom plants including hanging pots, wall-mounted, and placed on the sink.
If you have a bathroom that gets a good amount of light, plants can make great decorations. Typical bathroom moisture is no problem for most plants and tropical plants thrive in this type of environment. Some bathroom-friendly plants to consider include:
• Aloe Vera
• Snake Plants
• Orchids
• Bamboo
Looking for more indoor plant inspiration? Make sure to check out our blog about the best plants for PNW bathrooms.

Laminated Prints

Two examples of bathroom laminated prints, with a blue, geometric design and another one in solid, light-grey. Image Credit: Left, Right
If you like the look of traditional framed bathroom art, but have a bathroom with poor ventilation, consider finding some inexpensive prints that you like and laminating them. Lamination will keep water away from the print itself, but will imitate the look of glass if placed inside of a frame.
Tip: When selecting a frame, make sure to opt for something waterproof like plastic or acrylic coated wood.

Accent Tile

Two examples of multi-colored, accent tile used on bathroom walls.
If you’re considering larger bathroom remodel ideas, accent tile is a great way to incorporate bathroom-friendly style into your space. Accent tiles can be used to add color, texture, and visual interest to a wall. Looking for a more low maintenance way to incorporate this look? You can hang individual decorative tiles as a small and bathroom-friendly accent. Look for decorative tile hangers at your local craft store.
When it comes to decorating our homes, the bathroom is often the last place we consider. But we see the bathroom as a functional necessity and a personal sanctuary. Don’t let you bathroom become a décor-void zone! Do you have an idea for bathroom or powder room art that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.
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