Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Timeline Under Five Days!

Typically, when you hear about a friend or family member’s latest remodeling project, the bathroom remodel timeline wasn’t adhered to, causing major delays and havoc. Read on for our bathroom remodel checklist that will help you choose the best bathroom remodel contractors for the job, as well as tips for ensuring your remodel runs smoothly and is completed on schedule.

Choosing a Contractor

  1. Limit the number of subcontractors. The idiom of “too many cooks spoil the broth” holds true for subcontractors and timelines. Essentially, the more subcontractors you have, the more potential there is for scheduling conflicts. Look for companies that specialize in multiple areas so you only have to deal with one subcontractor and one project manager.
  2. Discuss your contractor’s current and future project load. A typical 10-day renovation may turn into a 3-week renovation with a contractor who has too many projects on his plate and is overworked. Knowing where you fit on the priority list of your contractor (and design team) will ensure your project is completed as scheduled, as promised, and without hassle.
  3. Ask about your contractor’s communication style. Will he be on-site every day? How does he prefer to communicate with his team, and with you, the client? It’s important that your communication styles mesh, and that you can have an enjoyable working relationship.
  4. Request testimonials. Choose a bathroom remodel contractor who allows you to speak with past clients so you can ask questions, get a feel for the contractor’s working style, and determine if this is a relationship you wish to enter into. Beware of professionals who refuse to give you contact details for past clients.

Staying on Schedule

  1. Have materials ready in advance. Make decisions about your bathroom design, order the materials, and have them on site before the remodel begins. It’s also crucial to have all permits ready ahead of your bathroom design team’s arrival.
  2. Stick to your final design choices. It’s best not to change your mind about bathroom remodel ideas during the remodeling process, as this causes a domino effect of delays and possible budget increases. It’s important to discuss your design during the conceptualization phase with your designer and project manager to ensure the remodel runs smoothly.
  3. Clear out all your belongings prior to the remodel team’s arrival. The workers will need as much space as possible to move around and work. Make sure that you remove bath products from the shower area, bathroom rugs, as well as items from the counter and vanity areas. Doing this before the workers arrive will help you to stay organized and ensure that the space is ready to go when the workers arrive.
  4. Know your home. You’ll need to communicate to your bathroom remodel team where to find the water shut off, the breaker box, etc. for emergency purposes.
  5. Try to limit small talk with the workers. Feel free to be friendly or ask questions. However, starting conversations often slows down the work and makes it difficult for the team to concentrate on what they’re doing.
  6. Keep your plumbing and electrical in the same place if possible. If you move the location of your bathtub, for example, that will significantly increase costs to run new plumbing and get inspections.

Working with contractors on Pacific Northwest bathroom remodels may leave you feeling out of control and stressed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Choose a professional contractor who can stick to the agreed-upon schedule and you’ll be pleased with the process and the finished design.

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