Love It or Hate It? 4 Polarizing Bathroom Features

Every time we share a photo of a remodel, we get comments from Portland and Seattle residents letting us know their thoughts on different design elements. While some bathroom features are universally loved, there are others that are a bit more polarizing. We’ve gathered a list of 4 bathroom features that get a lot of love and an equal amount of hate.

Clear Glass Showers

There are many homeowners that love the look of clear glass showers, and for good reason. This type of shower gives off a very modern look and allows you to easily show off details, like unique tiling. Additionally, clear glass showers can actually make a bathroom look and feel larger, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side.
Despite these benefits, some homeowners dislike the maintenance that clear glass requires. We often get questions from homeowners about how to keep glass showers from spotting. In our experience, the best way to keep a glass shower looking new is to squeegee after each and every use, which some may find tedious, or you can opt for a slightly more expensive spot-resistant glass which requires almost no maintenance at all.

Double Sinks

When you share a bathroom, double sinks can be an invaluable feature. Double sinks provide ample space for two people to get ready simultaneously, which is great for families and couples. The extra sink and counter space that double sinks provide can also help to make your bathroom feel less cluttered.

But many homeowners feel that a double sink vanity is unnecessary. Double sinks do leave you with more areas to clean than a standard sink and those with multiple bathrooms may not need to share the space with a family member simultaneously.

Removing the Bathtub

Many homeowners use their bathtubs so rarely that the feature becomes wasted space. Replacing the tub in your master bathroom with a spacious shower can leave you with a more open bathroom. A tub to shower conversion will also make room for a larger accessible shower, which can allow you to age in place.
While some homeowners are fans of tub-free master bathrooms, others love their bathtubs and use them frequently. Since there is general disagreement about bathtub replacement, many homeowners worry that the lack of a bathtub will harm their resale value. Check out our blog to learn more about the popularity of tub removals and the possible consequences.

Toilet Closets

In a large master bathroom design, many homeowners will opt for a toilet closet that keeps the toilet separate from the rest of the bathroom. A master bathroom toilet closet provides extra privacy and allows for multiple family members to use the bathroom simultaneously.
But for many, a bathroom with a separate toilet room is just not necessary. Some homeowners also take issue with the fact that many of these toilet closets don’t contain a sink. Others have multiple bathrooms in their home and may not see the need for 2 people to occupy a bathroom at the same time.
While some people hate these bathroom features, others say they wouldn’t buy a house without them. But when it comes to bathroom design, your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences should always take precedence over trends. We want to hear what you think! Let us know your thoughts on clear glass showers, double sinks, bathtub-less bathrooms, and toilet closets in the comments below.

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