Classic Small Bathroom

Farewell to Awkward Layouts

Built in the early 1900s, this home was filled with timeless, classic features, but the bathroom had not aged well. An awkward layout and a rarely used tub made this small space feel even smaller. Simple rearrangements and opting for a walk in shower improved the space immensely. Blending classic tile patterns with modern matte black fixtures created a space that complements the home while feeling timeless.


Rearrange layout for better functionality
Remove the rarely used tub
Match the home’s classic style
Better shower experience


Walk-in tile shower
Shower rail with hand shower
Sliding glass doors
New built in vanity
Tile flooring


Matte black fixtures
Farmhouse sink
Subway tile and black hex floor tile in shower
Removal of tub for new layout

  • Classic Small Bathroom 1“>
  • Classic Small Bathroom


  • Classic Small Bathroom 1“>
  • Classic Small Bathroom
  • Classic Small Bathroom 1">
  • Classic Small Bathroom