Total Kitchen Remodel

Goodbye Sixties

It’s never too late to get the kitchen remodel you desire. This retired couple had been eagerly awaiting the first remodel to their home bought in the 1960s. We took every opportunity to update and improve their kitchen. A few simple changes in layout and repositioning the fridge allowed for much needed cabinet storage and new appliances. Matching the style of their home, the wood stained cabinets matched the existing shutters and doors found in their kitchen. And a beautiful blue glass tile backsplash brightens up the room and matching the bright personality of their home.


Tear down and update entire kitchen
Rearrange layout for better functionality
More storage
Better lighting
Match home’s style and colors


New stainless steel appliances
Wood stained cabinets offering more storage
Modern can lighting above on dimmer
Quartz counter tops
Luxury Plank Vinyl (LPV) flooring with natural material look


Colorful small hexagon glass tile backsplash
Energy efficient LED lighting under cabinets
Matched wood cabinets with existing shutters and doors
Completely rethought layout for more counter space, storage, and functionality

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  • Total Kitchen Remodel


  • Total Kitchen Remodel 1">
  • Total Kitchen Remodel
  • Total Kitchen Remodel 1">
  • Total Kitchen Remodel