Small bathroom vanity tips and top picks (2023)

Whether you’re remodeling a small house or upgrading your powder room, it can be tricky finding a way to maximize the limited space for comfort and functionality.

If you’re in the market for a new small bathroom vanity, below are some tips and product recommendations and tips to plan for the perfect upgrade.

Before you decide on a vanity style, be sure to thoroughly consider your bathroom layout. Here are some tips on how to plan for your new small bathroom vanity.

Planning your new vanity space

  1. Measure the space where you’d like the vanity to go
  2. Assess whether the space you’re considering for the vanity works well with the outlets, switches and the door
  3. Decide what style will match your existing bathroom fixtures
  4. Determine where you might have room for storage
  5. Decide on a budget

Below are four great ways to save space with a vanity design:

Best vanity styles for small bathrooms

1. Floating vanity (See our top picks on Amazon)

A floating vanity is one that’s mounted to the wall and doesn’t extend all the way to the floor. It’s beneficial for small spaces in that it frees up the floor space below the vanity. Floating vanities can be very attractive if your bathroom style is clean and modern.

2. Corner vanity (See our top picks on Amazon)

Did you know that ready-made vanities can fit right into the nook of your bathroom? Instead of extending across a portion of a wall, the vanity is triangular-shaped and fits snugly right into the corner. This space saver is a good choice for the smallest of bathrooms.

3. Single sink vanity (See our top picks on Amazon)

Typically, a master bath will be fitted with a double sink, but not all master bathrooms need to have this double functionality. Reducing down to a single sink can free up a good portion of wall space for things like storage, a plant stand or wall hangings.

4. Built-to-fit vanity

If you’re dealing with a unique layout plus a confined space, hiring a professional to custom build a solution for your small bathroom vanity might be worth the time and expense. Cutting the vanity top to fit your bathroom’s contours has the potential to truly transform your bathroom.

Corner Vanity top picks

16 1/2″ Small Corner Cabinet Vanity Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink – $356.99

Single Sink Vanity Top picks

43″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet – $1,155.00

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    Quite helpful article and just to add further, when deciding the vanity for your small bathrooms, it’s best to go for light color palettes instead of choosing the darker ones. The latter really makes your bathroom look quite cramped.

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