Start to Finish: Bath Remodel Timeline

If you’ve ever considered completing a bathroom renovation in your home, you have probably thought about paint colors, fixtures, what kind of tub you want, and your storage needs. But what about the bathroom remodel timeline? What goes into the planning, and how long does the remodel take? You may be surprised to learn that it often takes less time than you would expect.


The couple bought their 1936-built home and liked every aspect of its classic design, except the bathroom. The bathroom was extremely outdated and didn’t fit with the couple’s style and aesthetic preferences. The vanity was too small for their storage needs, with poor lighting and cabinetry that featured an outdated style and finish. Not only was the tub unsightly, but it was also too high and difficult to step over, presenting safety and accessibility issues. The outdated bath surround needed to be replaced, and the flooring throughout the entire bathroom didn’t appeal to the couple’s aesthetic preferences.
Four shots of lavender bathroom walls, with a small shower and single vanity with wood cabinetry

The homeowners immediately began making bathroom remodel plans, and sought help to make their dreams come alive. After the initial in-home consultation the design team started planning the homeowner’s new bathroom design. The new bathroom would improve accessibility and functionality of the space and remove all of its unsightly, outdated features—all while ensuring the final product matched the aesthetics of the rest of the home.
The main materials chosen for this project included 3×6-inch subway tile on the wall with .5-inch x 6-inch pencil liner accent on the walls and floors, a Delta Linden In2ition showerhead, and a frameless sliding glass enclosure for the shower.

This two-week remodel was a fun and creative project for both the homeowners and the design team. The hex tile on the floor required a very intensive installation process, both in time and labor, but it produced gorgeous results in the end.
The homeowners were extremely pleased with the design choice, the materials used, and the overall installation and remodel process. Perhaps the overall remodeling experience can be best summed up by the homeowners, themselves:
In this time lapse video, you can really see how the bathroom was completely transformed:

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