Tech Updates You Can Make to Your Bathroom this Year

‘Smart bathrooms,’ or bathrooms with high-tech features, are becoming increasingly popular. While the idea of a technology-filled bathroom may seem like something out of a science-fiction movie, many bathroom tech updates are much easier to incorporate than you may think. These technological advances improve the function of the bathroom, make the time spent in the bathroom more enjoyable, and give the overall space a more luxurious and inviting feel. Read on to discover 5 ways you can integrate the latest bathroom technology into your home this year.

Modern Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinet with lights built into the mirror, set against washed grey tile

Image Source: Robern –

Medicine cabinets have come out of the dark ages and into the light with new options from manufacturers like Robern. Their medicine cabinets are one of the best examples of modern bathroom tech because they solve the storage and usability issues that most homeowners have struggled with for decades. These medicine cabinets have built-in defoggers on the mirrors, lights, and electrical sockets in the cabinet so you can keep all of your power items (like toothbrushes and razors) off the counter and neatly tucked away. Don’t need a medicine cabinet? Fleurco also makes a wonderful fog-free mirror with built-in LED lighting.

Touch Faucets

Person touching a faucet

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Touch faucets have been the go-to choice in the kitchen for a few years now, and are steadily gaining popularity in the bathroom. These faucets are fantastic because they’re easy to turn on and off without needing to touch a handle when your hands are dirty. As a bonus, these faucets are great for homes where children often forget to turn off the water when they’re done using it. Check out options like the Delta Touch20 faucets.

Bidets and Washlets

Sleek, modern, automated toilet

Image Source: TOTO –

Bidets, also known as washlets, are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. You can select a washlet that has variable seat heating and water settings for every user in your home. Other popular features from our favorite manufacturers, like TOTO, include dryers, deodorizers, lights, motion-activated cover and seat, and self-cleaning functionality.

Showerheads with Wireless Speakers

Shower head with a built in speaker

Image Source: Kohler –

If you love to sing in the shower, then this latest bathroom technology will be music to your ears. Kohler’s Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker combo allows you to listen to your favorite tunes, news programs, and audio books in your shower. Whether you’re preparing for a day at work or unwinding after a strenuous gym workout, the showerhead pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth to whatever device you choose. If you’re looking for a more luxurious shower experience, you can choose the Moxie rainhead + wireless speaker for a spa-like spray of water that feels like rainfall. Both options are guaranteed to give you a luxury shower.

Thermostatic Shower Valves

Shower with a brushed nickel, removable shower head
One of the most popular bathroom tech updates for remodels is the installation of thermostatic valves in the shower. A thermostatic shower’s valves automatically adjust to the shower’s temperature, and maintain it at a safe level, even if there are temperature fluctuations in the water supply lines. The water temperature stays consistent for the duration of the shower, which is perfect for people who love long showers. This is great for homeowners who experience t

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