What color grout to use with white tile?

Perhaps you’re finally getting that bathroom or kitchen makeover, or maybe it’s simply time to clean up some old grout. Many people with white tiles wonder, what color grout goes best with white tiles?

Below we spell out some color theory and provide examples for all types of tiles for kitchen and bathroom.

White tiles with white grout

White tiles with white grout is always a safe choice and comes with many benefits. White grout is a good option to create a clean, crisp look (as long as it’s well-maintained), as some darker grouts can fade over time. White grout also brightens a room and makes a room appear more spacious. As white grout, like any other, can look dingy over time as stains can accumulate. Consider using white grout in areas that aren’t as ‘high traffic’ and plan on re-grouting every few years to maintain a clean look.


Gray and neutral grouts can be a great way to show off a tile pattern or complement subtle flecks of color in your tiles. They’re good at hiding stains and don’t risk fading as much as darker grouts. Choosing a subtle color grout for white tiles is a good choice for creating a classic look that goes well with many designs and aesthetics.


White tiles with black grout is the perfect way to create a vintage-modern aesthetic when you’re working with white tiles of any size or shape. One downside as we mentioned is that any deeply pigmented grout risks fading over time, especially when exposed to sunlight.

grout for White marble or PATTERNED tiles

Matching your white marble tiles with white grout is a great way to show off the patterns and pigmentation within the tiles. This is because the white grout will help accent the tiles themselves.

Another way to accent the subtle colors in your tiles is to choose a grout color that matches the color you’d like to highlight in your tiles.


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