Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is the first place you see yourself in the morning, and its atmosphere sets the tone for the rest of your day. One of the most important fixtures that contribute to your bathroom’s overall feel is the lighting. Everything from the type of bulbs used to the placement of the fixtures contributes to how your space feels. Bathroom lighting not only provides an atmosphere, but it also helps us take care of important tasks like shaving, putting on makeup, and getting ready for the day.

One of the more overlooked, but equally important aspects of the bathroom lighting process is choosing the right bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than standard halogen bulbs while providing more light. Since they use less energy, they last longer and save you money! Full-spectrum bulbs are another great option we offer. These bulbs mimic natural light and provide an extra boost of energy in the morning.

Light layering is one of our most popular design choices available. Using several types of fixtures in multiple locations throughout the bathroom, light layering eliminates shadows and provides consistent luminance throughout the entire space. Adding recessed LED lighting to your shower provides a safe, cost-effective way to highlight the space and improve functionality. To see more examples of  lighting techniques in action, check out some of these remodel projects.

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