Tile is a unique material that can be used in a variety of ways throughout your bathroom. Whether it is for your bathroom floor or as an accent in your shower, choosing the right material, size, and style of tile is a delicate process. Choosing the best tile to complement the style and function of your bathroom leaves several things to be considered.

The first part of the tile selection process is choosing the right material. Here are five of the most recommended tile materials:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic tile is one of the oldest and most commonly used tile materials today. It is made from natural clay that is mixed with water, shaped, and baked in a kiln. Ceramic tile is affordable, germ-resistant, and easily cleaned with a wet sponge or towel.
  • Porcelain: Like ceramic, porcelain tile is made from natural clay. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, making it denser and less prone to stains. It is a great material to use with a heated bathroom floor since it retains heat well, making it a popular option in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Slate: Made of quartz, muscovite, and/or illite, slate tile is known for its bold colors and durability as a flooring material. This specialty tile requires special care during the installation process, but when installed properly, it is a longer-lasting flooring option than wood or carpeting.
  • Marble: Marble tile gives any bathroom a timeless and luxurious look. Each piece of marble tile is truly unique, giving your space a one-of-a-kind feel. It is more porous than other tile materials and requires slightly more care to fight off stains.
  • Glass: For a unique look and feel, glass tile is an excellent choice. It comes in a myriad of colors, opacities, and styles, making it perfect as an accent tile in a shower or sink.

The other half of the tile selection process involves choosing the right style for your bathroom tile. The Devine Bath team presents each customer with multiple style options based on where the tile will be located in the bathroom, the size of the space, material desired, and more. Below are some tile pattern examples:

  • Penny Tile: A vintage style that has recently become an emerging trend in bathroom design, Penny tile works great on bathroom walls and floors. When used in bathroom flooring, it provides excellent traction.
  • Hexagon Tile: Typically found in traditionally-styled bathrooms, hexagon tile offers a classic look for any space. Its distinctive look is popularly used in lighter colored tile sets with dark-gray grout, highlighting the unique geometric pattern of the tile.
  • Subway Tile: A classic American style, subway tile is a perfect choice for showers. The traditional subway style uses white tile, but modern designers have begun using more colorful tile in this timeless look.
  • Waterfall Tile: This accent style adds a dynamic sense of momentum to any bathroom wall. Typically composed of thin, multi-colored, rectangular style set against a contrasting background, waterfall tile looks fantastic in spaces of all sizes.
  • Square Tile: Affordable and available in many different styles, colors, and patterns, square tile is a popular choice for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Check out these remodel projects to see excellent examples of the ways in which the right tile material and style can enhance any bathroom.

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