Like many parts of your bathroom, the vanity must be stylish and functional. The various elements of your bathroom vanity, from the countertop material to the design of the sink, should coalesce to create a space you will enjoy for years. Here’s why it’s worth considering hiring a professional to help you choose the perfect combination of materials and styles to fit your bathroom.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity starts with style, size, and location. For a smaller guest bathroom, you may be able to go for style over functionality. A wall hung, or floating vanity adds a unique sense of flair to any bathroom. For master bathrooms, storage and style considerations must go together. Size is another important consideration, as a vanity that is too large will hinder traffic flow while a vanity that is too small will seem out of place. Your bathroom vanity must function as a storage space for everything from your toothbrush to extra towels. The amount of storage space, whether there is enough room to fully open drawers and cabinets, and other functional details are all examined during this part of the design process.

Style plays an equally important part in the design of your new bathroom vanity. Environmental factors like water, humidity, and heat from oft-used appliances are considered during this part of the design process. Marble and other natural stones, which combine timeless style and strength, are excellent counter-top surfaces. Other materials like wood, ceramic tile, and laminate are budget-friendly options that come in a variety of styles. Choosing the right style of bathroom sink that fits your vision is another important step in this process. Your style preferences, the plumbing options currently available in your bathroom, your material preferences and more are all factored into the design process.

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