Pacific Northwest Bathroom Brands That You Should Know About

Throughout the Pacific Northwest you’ll find beautiful scenery, delicious food, and many unique local businesses and brands. Along the way, we have discovered several amazing Portland and Seattle-area bathroom brands that we think everyone should know about! In this blog, our design experts highlight three PNW bathroom brands that we have been loving.

Cedar & Moss

Bathroom with floral wall paper, white sink, and green plant in the cornerImage Credit
After more than ten years as a designer, the owner of Cedar & Moss, Michelle, decided to branch out on her own and open a lighting studio. Launched in 2013, Cedar & Moss gives you lighting fixtures that are fresh, familiar, and functional.
Through a stunningly simple aesthetic—one that emphasizes muted tones, straightforward textures, and metallic and wooden materials—Cedar & Moss offers an array of elegant and composed lighting fixtures that mesh well with any bathroom design. The mid-century classics and minimalist designs from Cedar & Moss add light to your bathroom remodel in a natural, welcoming, and classic way.

United Tile

Bathroom wall with teal tile pattern and shower with a brown, geometric wall patternImage Credit
For over 45 years, United Tile has been providing exquisite and quality bathroom remodel materials to the Pacific Northwest. From slate, marble, and mosaic tile, to glass, ceramic, and wood tiles, this Pacific Northwest-based company continues to be an incredible resource for Portland bathroom remodels, both large and small.
We love working with United Tile for their ability to deliver versatile and durable building materials in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We also can’t help but admire their commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

Devine Color Floor

Grey bathroom with light colored wood flooring Image Credit
Founded by Gretchen Schauffler in Portland, Oregon in 1998, Devine Color Floor offers an eclectic and playful palette for a broad spectrum of bathroom remodels. Whether or not you come prepared with your own bathroom remodel ideas, you won’t be able to stop Devine Color Floor’s hues from influencing the direction of your bathroom design. Inspired by the blending of the vibrant colors of Puerto Rico with the subdued and natural tones of the Pacific Northwest, Devine Color Flooring offers a more artistic approach to floor color.
Here are a few of the reasons why we adore working with this Pacific Northwest-based company:

  • Environmentally Responsible – All Devine Color Floor products are completely phthalate free and zero VOC. This means all of your floors will be Floor Score certified and meet LEED’s requirements for a Low-Emitting Materials credit.
  • Extremely Tough – Not every vinyl flooring installation can boast dent, moisture and fire resistance
  • Easy to Install -Color Floor installation is simple, straightforward, and easy to do.

Is there another PNW bathroom brand that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!