Privacy Please! Bathroom Window Covering Ideas

One of the complaints we hear most often from Pacific Northwest homeowners is that their bathroom is too dark. Bathroom windows let natural light in, creating the illusion of a larger space and making it easier to perform everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or putting on makeup. But the downside of adding more windows to your space is less privacy. We offer up 6 bathroom window covering ideas that provide needed privacy without eliminating natural light.


For a classic look, curtains provide bathroom window privacy while giving your space an elegant and refined feel. Curtains typically aren’t very popular for bathroom design because the fabric can hold onto bathroom moisture. For a more bathroom-friendly curtain, look for water-resistant or mildew-resistant window treatment options, which will work well in a moist environment.

Standard Blinds/Shades

Two examples of bathrooms with either shades or blinds.
Standard blinds and shades are one of the most common bathroom window coverings. Since most homeowners already have this type of window treatment in other rooms of their house, using blinds or shades in both the bathroom and living areas helps to create a cohesive look both inside and outside your home.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

If you’re interested in adding modern bathroom window treatments to your space, top down bottom up shades might be the perfect window covering for you. This type of shade allows you to open it from the top, as well as the bottom, providing you with a variety of positioning options. If you are taking a bath, for example, you can pull down the top portion of your top down bottom up shade, letting light in while maintaining your privacy.

Privacy Film

If you don’t love your current bathroom window covering solution and are looking for a quick fix, privacy film is a great option. This opaque film can be applied to windows like a sticker, brightening your space while providing privacy. Typically sold in large sheets, bathroom window privacy film can be cut to fit any size window pane, making it an extremely cheap and flexible solution.

Frosted Windows

Frosted windows are a great permanent solution if you like the look and feel that privacy film provides. The opaque panes of frosted windows let light into your bathroom but prevent anyone from seeing inside. The downside of frosted windows is that they also prevent you from seeing outside. To combat this, some frosted windows only have frosted panes on the bottom section.


Two examples of bathrooms with skylights
Skylights may not be a window covering, but many homeowners looking to add natural light but maintain privacy opt to add skylights to their bathroom design. Skylights are also a great option to bring natural light into a windowless bathroom.
The right bathroom window treatments can help you get the most out of your bathroom space. We hope that the window covering ideas above will help you find the perfect solution for your space. If you have any other bathroom window ideas for privacy, we would love to hear them! Please share with us in the comments below.

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