Tips for A Clean Bathroom During Cold and Flu Season

It’s winter time, and for many, that means cold and flu season is at an all-time high. While it’s impossible to keep any house 100% germ-free, you can greatly reduce germs in your bathroom (and your immune system) with our helpful bathroom cleaning tips.

Preventing the Cold and Flu

Focus on these three areas to help prevent the spread of cold and flu germs.

  1. Toothbrushes. Storing each individual family member’s toothbrush away from others can help prevent the spread of germs. We recommend placing toothbrushes in a drawer or cabinet so they’re not subject to germs from coughing or sneezing.
  2. Surfaces. Wiping down doorknobs, faucets and handles, light switches, countertops, and drawer pulls with antibacterial spray every other day kills the germs that can live on household surfaces for 48 hours after a person sneezes, coughs, spits, etc. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of airborne germs making their way into your body.
  3. Sink. Keeping the sink clean will reduce the likelihood of bacteria from stagnating if someone in the family becomes sick. The shiny sink also looks great and encourages family members to clean up their toothpaste!

Cleaning During the Height of Flu Season

If a family member has come down with the cold or flu, keep germs at bay using these three tips.

  1. Use separate hand towels. Each individual who is sick with the cold or flu should use a separate hand towel (even after drying freshly washed hands) to help avoid spreading germs. Pay special attention to towels if you have little ones in your home. Children tend to wipe their noses and mouths on them without realizing this is a leading way of spreading germs.
  2. Wipe down surfaces daily. If a family member has the flu, it’s crucial to wipe down all bathroom surfaces (like those mentioned above, plus soap pumps, towel holders, medicine cabinets, thermometers, and other prime surfaces) with disinfectant spray or wipes. You could complete a quick 5-minute cleaning after high-traffic times in your home: after family members get ready for their day, after kids get home from school, and after everyone brushes their teeth and gets ready for bed. This is a fast and simple way to keep germs at bay.
  3. Empty the trash daily. Part of your bathroom cleaning during flu season should be regular emptying of the trash can, as your family members will likely have runny noses and use plenty of tissue. Getting rid of your garbage daily (or multiple times throughout the day if necessary) prevents trash being spilled by young children and family pets, and reduces the chance of germs being recirculated back into the air.

Cleaning After the Flu Has Hit Your Home and Family

Cleaning your bathroom after your family members have been hit with the flu will refresh your space and make you feel healthier and happier.

  1. Invest in new toothbrushes. For any family member who was sick, there’s a high likelihood that those flu microbes are still hanging around on the old toothbrush. Relegate it to the recycle bin and start anew.
  2. Wash towels and other linens. Once everyone in your household is feeling healthy, it’s time to hang clean, fresh towels in the bathroom. Take any towels that have been used (we advise you to even take the decorative hand towels down) and wash them in hot water for good measure. Remove your bath rugs, shower curtains, and liners and give them a good wash as well.
  3. Give the bathroom a deep clean. Germs are pesky; there might still be a few in the cracks and corners of your shower or counter tops. Wipe down everything with a disinfectant to help prevent the spread of any lingering bacteria.

Cold and flu season comes every year without fail, and seems to strike at the worst possible time. Cleaning for flu prevention will keep your bathroom shiny and beautiful and will help keep your family healthy at a time when germs and viruses seem to be at their most plentiful. If you’re feeling extra ambitious or prefer the eco-friendly route, you can create your own homemade bathroom cleaning supplies with our helpful tips. Here’s to a happy and healthy winter season!