Why Acrylic Tubs?

You want something that is durable, easy to maintain, stylish, and of course, affordable. While there are benefits to each kind of tub, the designers here at Remodel Inspo generally find that acrylic baths strike a nice balance between cost and quality.
Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities about an acrylic tub is its ability to retain heat, making it an excellent option for people who love to take baths or for families with small children. Acrylic can be easily molded into any bathtub shape, which allows for maximal comfort and a flexibility in design options. Acrylic tubs are available in a variety of different colors, and with their high-gloss finish, these tubs have a beautiful shine and are smooth to the touch.
Thanks to its resilient surface and natural resistance to mildew, cleaning an acrylic tub is easier than it is with those made from other materials. In fact, the high-gloss finish of this type of bathtub helps the tub look and feel cleaner for longer periods between cleanings, and for more years. One thing to be careful of with acrylic tubs is the susceptibility to staining from hair dyes; however, these stains can still be removed through several different cleaning methods.
What about cast iron, fiberglass, porcelain, marble, or steel tubs? When replacing a bathtub, the multitude of options makes for a difficult decision. Every material has unique benefits, but acrylic baths are an unwaveringly reliable option. While we love cast iron tubs, they are often expensive and are too heavy for some homes to safely support. Acrylic tubs, on the other hand, are lightweight and affordable. They are easier to install than their cast iron or porcelain cousins, which helps to reduce labor costs and eliminates the need for costly support additions in upstairs bathrooms.

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