Sneaky Ways to Build in More Storage for Your Bathroom

Most everyone has experienced the frustration of having too much clutter in their bathroom. We’ve collected the best storage ideas for this blog. Read on to learn some clever ways to increase space, rein in products, and more.

In-Shower Storage

Shower with a small, silver storage basket mounted in the front right corner
The shower is often one of the most cluttered areas of the bathroom due to a lack of shelving and an overabundance of soaps, shampoos, and scrubs. If you’re in the market to upgrade your shower, consider choosing a design with shower niches which are perfect for corralling all your bath products. These built-in cubbies are a great way to protect your products from the moisture of the shower and to separate each family member’s items. If a new shower is out of your budget, or you prefer a quick fix, we recommend picking up some tiered shower shelves.

Bathroom Vanities

There are many types of bathroom vanities on the market offering cabinets and drawers aplenty to stash your stuff. When choosing a model, make sure to think about your family’s unique storage needs. For example, if you store extra towels in the bathroom, under-vanity shelves will come in handy. If your cosmetics tend to run rampant, a vanity that’s equipped with drawer organizers will help you to keep clutter under control.
Vanity counter space is often at a premium, leading to clutter and visual disarray. Bring order to your bathroom and make your mornings less hectic by using mason jars or ceramic containers to store your cotton balls, Q-tips, bobby pins, and more. Adding a glass shelf above your vanity can also be a great for storing toothbrushes, jewelry, and other items you want quick access to

Storage is possible even with a small bathroom vanity, you just need to be a little creative. Great options include a rolling 2-tier basket in your cabinet for tall shampoo bottles and items you need to access often, and plastic bins you can label and wipe down when necessary. Other favorites include over-the-door styling caddies to store your hair dryer and curling iron, and door-mounted spice racks to hold nail polish and makeup.

Vertical Storage

Most homeowners forget about using their vertical space for storage, though it’s ideal for items you rarely use or want to keep away from children and pets. Behind-the-door towel holders, above-the-door storage shelves, and storage towers are all great choices.
Storage towers are ideal for storing folded towels, toiletries, medicines, and even accent items. Medicine cabinets are an old standby, and for good reason: they provide quick storage in a small area that would otherwise be neglected.
Space is often at a premium in our bathrooms, especially in older and smaller homes. Inventive storage options will help you maximize space and increase the efficiency of your bathroom (and your daily routine). No bathroom is too small for storage – you just need to get creative and think outside the box.

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