Style Talk with Remodel Inspo

If you’ve been thinking about updating your bathroom, you’re not alone. Each homeowner’s preferences and style are unique, but these are some of the most popular style features, materials, and fixtures we’ve seen lately.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathroom with two vessel sinks, a freestanding tub, dark walnut vanity, and tan walls
One design asset we get asked about frequently is the freestanding bathtub. Homeowners love this type of bath because it combines a spa-like experience with modern design. Because this style is free of enclosure, its design can be a focal point in the space.

Curbless Showers

Curbless showers have also been extremely popular because they help to visually open up a space. These showers (often referred to as “gym showers” by homeowners) are accessibility-friendly, which makes them an ideal choice for older homeowners or those with mobility issues. Finally, drains are getting smaller and more discrete in most shower styles, allowing the beauty of the tile and design to take center stage.

Heated Floors

Heated bathroom floors are popular in the PNW where damp, cold weather can extend well into April. This flooring option is a luxurious addition to any home, but can be a more expensive choice as it uses more energy than traditional flooring. You can even add heating to LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floors, up to about 85 degrees. LVT has also been popular because it convincingly mimics tile and wood flooring, and is both durable and low-maintenance.

Green Updates

Sustainability is always popular in Northwest home design. For example, LED lights have been in demand because they last longer than other options on the market, use less energy, and give off less heat than traditional models. The recent advances in the lighting quality and effects have only increased LED popularity. Also popular are eco-friendly showerheads which use water more sustainably than traditional models, and help you to save on utilities, without sacrificing shower comfort.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic values are highly sought after in remodels and new builds because they give homeowners more control over water temperature, and can detect when there’s a flux in temperature (for example, after someone flushes the toilet) and adjust either the hot or cold water flow accordingly.

Invisible Accessibility

Grey marbled walled bathroom with a fold-down seat and brushed nickel grab bar
Homeowners who need bathroom accessibility updates, but still desire stylish design, are in luck. We have seen a huge surge in the requests for “invisible accessibility,” or safety features that look contemporary and blend in with the space. Grab bars, built-in seating, and curbless showers look better than ever, and have inspired homeowners to make the necessary accessibility-friendly updates.

Furniture-like Vanities

Vanity with a marble counter top and dark walnut cabinetry

Freestanding vanities that look more like furniture have increased in demand in recent years. These vanities come in many styles and designs, and can resemble antiques or be sleek and modern.

Continuous Tile

All-white bathroom with a white marble bricked shower

For those who love the look of tile, carrying it all the way across the wall instead of confining it to the shower has proved to be a popular design. Not only does this help to make the bathroom look more spacious by preventing visual breaks, it also brings a great deal of color and texture to the entire space.