4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Guest-Friendly

If you are expecting house guests, you might feel the urge to give your entire home a deep clean. But having a pristine house isn’t the only way to make your company feel at home. In our own bathrooms, we have everything organized just the way we like it, but when you have visitors, it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable as well. To help you in this process, we offer 4 simple ways to make your bathroom a bit more guest-friendly.

Provide Bathroom Basics

Have you ever arrived at a vacation destination only to realize you’ve forgotten something essential, like shampoo or a toothbrush? Save your guests a little bit of worry by stocking your space with some guest bathroom essentials like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, a shower cap, and mini bottles of shampoo. Having a few of these items on hand will make you look like a super host, and who knows, they may save you a trip to the store one day!

Install a Nightlight

We often become so familiar with how our own homes are organized that we could navigate them with our eyes closed. However, keep in mind that your guests are in an unfamiliar environment. A nightlight can help your guests navigate to and from the bathroom in the dark without having to fumble for a light switch or worry about a stubbed toe.

Make Room


Not everyone has the luxury of a designated guest bathroom. If you will be sharing a bathroom with your guests, not to worry! One of the easiest ways make sure your visitors feel right at home in a shared bathroom scenario is to clear a bit of extra space. Ensuring that your company has a place to put their products in the shower and a space to hang their towel will make them feel welcome, even in a tight space.

Restock & Refill

Don’t make your guests have to ask for more hand soap or scour underneath your vanity for more toilet paper. A few days before guests arrive, make sure bathroom essentials are stocked and ready to go. If you don’t normally store items like extra toilet paper in plain view, simply point out where these items are located when your visitors first arrive.
Preparing for houseguests can sometimes feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! If you take note of the guest bathroom ideas above, there’s no doubt that your friends and family will feel right at home when they visit.
If impending visitors are making you feel self-conscious about your outdated bathroom, head over to our project gallery for more bathroom remodel inspiration.

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